Hola! My name is Pablo Luebert and I’m an llustrator from the far end of the world. I currently live in the south of Chile with my awesome kid.

I studied philosophy and graphic design in Santiago, Chile and I have been collaborating on illustration, design, animation, and lot of weird and amazing projects since 2007.

Please contact me at pabloluebert@gmail.com
or give me a call at +56 9 82511113

For commissions, inquires, greetings, funny jokes, or anything else, just send me an email.

Check my Instagram for more up to date stuff or visit my Behance if that your thing.

Pau Morgan · Nico Troncoso · Camilo Huinca · Oye Mathias! · Alfredo Caceres · Plop! Galeria

Google, NY Times, Lollapalooza, Puma, Latam, Boston Globe, Graou Magazine, Editorial Planeta, Anorak Magazine, CCES, UDP, Mall Plaza, Houghton Mifflin, Parque MET, Teatro Municipal Santiago.